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Learn to calculate your exact macros, create meal plans, and personalize your nutrition.

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What you will get from this course.

Get my exact formulas for calculating macros for moderate fat loss, aggressive fat loss, reverse dieting, and weight maintenance!

PLUS, learn how to create your OWN meal plans that include your favorite foods and reach your goals!

Whether you have 5 pounds t lose or 50...the formulas of Macro Master are going to get you to your goal weight without stressing you out. You do enough - let me make this easy for you!

  • Are you tired of searching conflicting articles online that don’t answer your questions about dieting and fat loss?
  • Do you want to learn HOW to eat for your goals and actually STICK to it?
  • Do you want to become an expert on calculating your exact calorie and macro needs AND make a meal plan?
  • If you knew more about fat loss science would your results be different?
  • What if you could learn exactly how to start burning fat, maintaining muscle, and getting consistent results?

Macro Master is your ticket to predictable fat loss results, time and time again!

[My actual fat loss progress - learn exactly how I lost 15 pounds without losing my mind in this course]

I know it can be so frustrating when you hit a weight loss plateau, or binge on Girl Scout cookies after your promised you’d do better...weight loss can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

When you become a Macro Master, you’re saying “YES!” to your health, fitness, weight loss, confidence, and improving your relationship with food!

Done are the days where you wake up dreading your diet because you know it’s going to leave you wanting more.

No longer will you have to choose between dinner dates and your skinny jeans.

And you can say goodbye to online calorie and macro calculators that tell you to eat 1000 calories a day. Ain’t nobody building sexy muscle on that.

Let me teach you the right way to be fit and healthy - without losing your mind.

In this course you’ll learn all about:

  • How to calculate your exact calorie needs
  • How to calculate your fat loss macros for moderate AND aggressive fat loss
  • Dieting smarter without crazy cardio or starving yourself
  • How to create a meal plan with foods you actually like
  • Exactly what protein, carbs, and fats are, and what they do to the body in order to create amazing fat loss results
  • The science of fat loss at the cellular level
  • How to create a body that burns fat 24/7
  • Stopping weight loss plateaus and bloating for good
  • Keeping the weight off once you’ve lost it - AKA, eating more and weighing less than before :)

Ready to take your health into your own hands??? Empower yourself with the tools that have been used by Leah for the past 8 years with thousands of men and women!

If you are...

  • Struggling with knowing what to eat
  • Frustrated because the scale isn’t going down
  • Feeling defeated because nothing works
  • Anxious about food and dieting
  • Ready to skyrocket your confidence and relationship with food
  • Committed to making massive physical changes

...Then you need this course!

It’s time to turn to an expert, set yourself up for success now and debunk all your questions to make you a Master of Macros.

It's time to stop falling off track and start losing weight more consistently and easily than ever!

But don't just take my word for it, scroll down to read real client testimonials and see transformations that took place with this knowledge!

Become a Macro Master and create your very own transformation just like these!

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Who this course is for:

  • The person that wants fast fat loss results
  • The person who wants to speed up their metabolism
  • The yo-yo dieter who is often frustrated by lack of right knowledge to follow
  • The health-nut that loves learning everything about nutrition to live their best life
  • The curious dieter who doesn't want to make mistakes

Why you should enroll today:

  • You will be able to stop struggling with dieting due to your newfound understanding
  • You will be able to help other people reach their goals
  • You will become confident in your knowledge and practice of advanced fat-loss nutrition
  • You will save time and money by being able to create fat-loss plans on your own

Get started now!

[Leah] taught me to find balance and happiness through nutrition and fitness. I now feel much better equipped to effectively balance my routine, my health (physical, nutritional, and mental), and my happiness. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants realistic information for balancing nutrition and fitness planning within a busy lifestyle and needs motivation and accountability to make these changes.

-Brittany C.

With nearly limitless fitness and nutrition knowledge, Leah answered all my questions and introduced me to new foods and diets.

-Michelle "Meeshy"

[Working] with Leah has been the best decision I’ve made, I never realized how I was over training and under eating. Leah has helped me balance my nutrition so I can train like the athlete I know I am.

-Taylor M

I [also] learned SO much from all of the different tactics!!

-Emma C.

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Free Fat Loss Course: Intro to Macro Master
How to calculate and track calories & macros accurately for fat loss, life balance, and metabolic health!
Leah Peters

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Leah Peters
Leah Peters

Hey there! My name is Leah Peters. I am an 8 year certified nutrition coach coach, retired national fitness competitor, and personal trainer. I am a fat loss expert who specializes in teaching people how to stop restrictive, yo-yo diets and fuel their metabolism for consistent fat loss. I use research and science-backed techniques to turn you into a fat loss machine without losing your mind! I coach others through their weight loss journeys and empower individuals with the knowledge, support and motivation they need to succeed in fitness and diet. I have coached thousands of men and women since 2012 to achieve their dream bodies, skyrocket their confidence, and gain a true understanding of training and nutrition!


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Each week will be unlocked as you go through your 30 day course.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You also get lifetime access to the private course Facebook group for personal coaching and additional trainings.
How do I access the content?
Once you enroll, you will be directed to your course portal. You can also download the "Teachable" App and access it on your tablet or phone!

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