Macro Master
Have you ever wondered how to create flawless, personal fat loss plans that guarantee results? Or, what formulas you should use to calculate macros or make personal adjustments?

When you enroll in Macro Master, you will learn exactly how to create personal nutrition plans that get weight loss results, no matter the person, no matter the hurdle.

You'll get access to the coaching techniques that have transformed thousands of people's lives over the past 10 years! I hold nothing back!

You will never have to guess again when it comes to your nutrition.

Whether you want to lose stubborn belly fat in a timely manner or reverse diet your metabolism back to speed, this course will give you direct answers to your diet problems!

In this self-study nutrition course, I am peeling back the curtain and giving you a first hand look into my formulas, methods, and principles of weight loss nutrition as a 10 year, award winning nutrition and fitness coach.

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Whether you have 5 pounds or 50 pounds to lose, the formulas in Macro Master are going to get you to your goal weight without stressing you out. You do enough - let me make this easy for you!


  • You want to know exactly HOW to formulate your weight loss, maintenance, and lean-gains macros.
  • You want to keep your metabolism healthy while still maximizing results
  • You are tired of searching conflicting articles online that don’t answer your questions!
  • You want to learn precisely how much to eat for your goals and actually STICK to it.
  • You're tired of yo-yo dieting and eating crappy weight loss food.
  • You want to become an expert on calculating your own nutrition needs, and maybe even help others get healthy.
  • You're ready to take nutrition into your own hands. You also might want to help other people with healthy weight loss!

Macro Master is your ticket to predictable fat loss results, time and time again!


  • Leah's exact macro formulas
  • How to adjust macros when a plateau happens
  • How to carb cycle or practice intermittent fasting + what adjustments you need to make
  • How to make an optimized meal plan
  • When & how to reverse diet or make adjustments
  • How to get photo-shoot ready and see big changes in just 1 week
  • What types of diets are best for scenarios & more
  • Exclusive audio trainings, worksheets, notes, and videos
  • An expanding content library

Meal Planning Worksheet

My meal-planning worksheet will walk you through how to hit your targets without sacrificing pizza night.

Easy to Implement Formulas

I'm not over-complicating anything. You'll get access to several formulas including calorie and macro calculations for fat loss and reverse dieting.

Learn Dieting Techniques

I'll also cover intermittent fasting, keto, and carb cycling. I'll teach you who it's for, how to do it, and why/when to implement.

What Students Are Saying:

[Leah] taught me to find balance and happiness through nutrition and fitness. I now feel much better equipped to effectively balance my routine, my health (physical, nutritional, and mental), and my happiness.

-Brittany C.

With nearly limitless fitness and nutrition knowledge, Leah answered all my questions and introduced me to new foods and diets.

-Michelle "Meeshy"

[Working] with Leah has been the best decision I’ve made, I never realized how I was over training and under eating. Leah has helped me balance my nutrition so I can train like the athlete I know I am.

-Taylor M

I learned SO much from all of the different tactics!!

-Emma C.

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